Gall bladders are very compromised by people over 50, who have eaten three meals a day their whole life.

High phosphate foods put you here.

Allopathic medicine’s answer is remove the offending organ. They take it out through the mouth. It’s called Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. You are usually out the next day.

#1 surgery for post menopausal women is gall bladder removal.

Magnesium has been found to play an important role in prevention of gallstones as far back as 1931, by Dr. Pierre Delbert.  The FDA would agree this was a remedy used by the AMA before Big Pharma was born.

Magnesium oil has been effective remedy for pain for hundreds of years, often outshining anything else tried, including the strongest of pain medications: morphine, where its been found to significantly reduce the need for high doses in cancer patients.

lupus ( chronic degenerative disease), fibromylagia, hypthyroidism, vegus nerve compression causing subluxations, are some of the dis-eases treated with magnesium.

The liver-gall bladder flush is a non-surgical method to help remove gallstones and bile occlusion.  It can also help remove stones in the liver itself.  Stones can apparently form in the liver, as well as in the gall bladder.  This concept is explained below.

In almost all cases, this procedure can help avoid the need for gallbladder surgery.  An even better way to avoid gallbladder and many other surgeries that I find are rarely necessary is a complete nutritional balancing  program to restore the normal activity of the liver and gall bladder.

A liver flush or two may help at the beginning of a nutritional program or if one is having severe liver or gall bladder problems.  I am not aware of complications or damage from this procedure, although occasionally someone remains nauseated for several days or more.  There are many variants to the liver-gallbladder flush procedure.  Here is the one I trust the most:


Mix 1/2-1 teaspoon of malic acid in 32 ounces of water.

Do not drink it all at once!  Drink it a little at a time throughout the day on an empty stomach.  Brush your teeth after each time that you drink a little.

To order malic acid: go to

ALTERNATIVE is fresh squeezed apple juice, which is high in malic acid.  Drink a half gallon or more a day.


1. Drink the juice of 1/2 organic lemon in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times before 2:00 PM.

2. Do not have any dairy, oil, fat or meat for breakfast or lunch.  Food recommended is quinoa (well washed), or brown rice and steamed broccoli.

3. Have lunch by 2:00 PM and do not eat or drink between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

4. At 6:00 PM, mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 24 ounces of filtered or spring water.

This will make four 6-ounce servings.  Drink one 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts.  Wait 30 minutes to drink water.  Drink as much water as you like after 6:30 PM.

5. At 8:00 PM, drink another 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts. Wait 30 minutes to drink more water.  Put the other two servings of Epsom salts away until the next morning.

6. At 10:00 PM, mix half a cup of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil* with the juice of a whole fresh red organic grapefruit (pink is okay).  Stir and drink quickly.

7. Go immediately to bed after drinking. It is important to lie down on your right side and be very still.  You can take 4 capsules of L-ornithine to help you sleep.

*olive should not be rancid. Most olive oils are. An easy way to test is hold a quarter teaspoon of olive oil in your mouth for a good 30-60 seconds. If there is any flavor of bitterness, it is rancid. Keep it out of your body.


1. At 8:00 AM, do a coffee enema* and drink one 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts.

2. At 4:00PM, do another coffee enema and drink the last 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts.

* Use only fresh light roast organic coffee. If those beans are oily, they are too old. Use only the cold coffee      process in making this coffee.

        Skip all nutritional supplements on the seventh day.

If you have discomfort with the flush, rub the bottoms and the top of your feet and toes, including the liver areas (between the first and second toes on the top of the foot, all along the crevice between the two toes and back along the top of the foot).  There is also a liver area on the right foot behind the third, fourth and fifth toe (pinky), near the ball of the foot.  Rub the entire foot, however, and this can relieve discomfort of most types that might occur.

If discomfort persists, or in general, it is good to follow the flush with a castor pack treatment.

You can repeat the liver flush about every 4 months or so, if needed, for about a year while on a bioterrain remediation program.  However, most people do not need it at all, even if gall stones are present.

This is not a complete substitute for gall bladder surgery.  Gall bladder disease can be due to gall stones, but it can also be due to infection or inflammation of the gall bladder.  Most gall bladder problems will eventually go away on a low phosphate diet high, even without doing liver-gallbladder flushes, but the procedure may help.  As for gall stones, most people have some.  They will come out each time.  They are not a serious problem in most cases.

Reducing stress in your life and reducing anger through forgiveness and healing is also excellent to reduce gall stones.  Enhancing the oxidation rate with nutritional balancing and using the supplements also increases bile flow, and this helps prevent gall stone formation.

Occasionally there are parasites in this area, there is an acupuncture meridian that goes through this area, and the colon is near this area as well.  All of these structures and systems must be fixed, and can be fixed easily with a properly designed nutritional balancing program in practically all cases.

Liver stones.  The liver-gallbladder flush can actually remove stones or calcium deposits that form within the bile ducts of the liver itself.  This may seem odd or preposterous, but I am told it is the case and surgeons encounter this in very ill patients when they operate on the liver and bile ducts.  This procedure seems to help break them up and remove them, relieving pressure in the liver and helping it to function better.

Adding oxygen to the body is always excellent and helpful.  Other simple methods to do this are deep breathing, adding ozone to your drinking water, a bath with a cup or so of 35% hydrogen peroxide, and the favored method of installing an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in your bedroom.

NOTE: If you are older than 65, or ill, please check with your doctor before doing this procedure.  You must take responsibility for your own health and any issues that may arise when doing a gall bladder and/or liver flush or any other procedure mentioned on this website.