In a polluted world the aim of the health seeker becomes getting ahead and staying ahead of the pollution.  Toxic herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, petroleum derivatives, mold and mycotoxins are something most of us are exposed to every day.

A report by ABC News in 2009 found jet fuel in almost every baby formula tested. Countless studies confirm this and worse. 

A study on umbilical cord blood found that 9 out of 10 newborns were exposed to 232 toxic chemical carcinogens in the womb.

Most people in America are sick for no fault of their own; we are exposed every day without our knowledge or consent to poisons and carcinogens in everything from the beds we sleep, to the food we consume,  to the air we breathe.

In California, by law, they have to put warnings everywhere, but it’s just to protect their legal liability, the source of the problem is never addressed!

It would be safe to say the mainstream healthcare system has failed most people; the cost of treatment has gotten out of control, and misdiagnosis is rampant; environmental toxin poisoning is rarely diagnosed as an underlying cause for disease by allopathic medicine. What is worse is they are rarely interested in prevention, cleansing and nutrition.

The right detox protocol can make 90% of dis-ease symptoms disappear.

So, what can we do to detox the poisons from our bodies?

Get access to the experts, people that have the scientific, medical and real world experience. They are proof that one can safely remediate and heal.

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We are here to share with you the tools and techniques for the most effective and non-invasive ways to detox your body and remediate your bio-terrain. 

We’ve written a guide called “Detox Remedies & Chelation Supplements Guide,” that is an introduction to detoxification, and how to remove unwanted toxins, poisons, and environmental pollution out of your body.


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